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Tongfang Health Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Tongfang Health Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (stock code:833151) is high-tech company founded by Tsinghua University. As a subsidiary corporation of Tongfang Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600100), we stick to the path of the combination of production, and research by relying on research strength and talent platform of Tsinghua University.

Now after the development for at least 15 years, Tongfang Health has built good public praise by providing professional products and services. We have chips and arithmetic developed by ourselves which are built on base of large quantities of clinical test with the help of five famous hospitals. From 2002, Tongfang Health started to become the leader over the market of body composition analyzer in China. After that, Tongfang Health pays attention to produce a new kind of scale which could used for homecare instead of the body composition analyzer which is always used in hospitals or gyms. Then, new brand called bodivis was built and the body fat scale whose technology is from the body composition analyzer had come out.

As a professional manufacturer of body fat scale whose main culture are the accuracy and durability, we do hope provide competitive advantage products while let our distributors, dealers and users feel safe with us.

In one word, it’s great honor of us to help people all over the world enjoy the new technology from Tsinghua University and have a new feel about products made in China. Welcome to know about us deeply!